3 thoughts on “If Everyone Was Media Literate, Would Donald Trump Be President?

  1. Thanks Alan and Sox. I think nuance (as Sox puts it), or perhaps a bit of educational finesse is going to be increasingly important as the President-elect and his administration continue to normalize false claims and conspiracy theories and we continue to try to reach the people who believe them.

  2. Once again you’re modeling the kind of deep, nuanced, complex and challenging discernment we need as media literacy educators in this transitional moment. Your focus on power – who are perceived as the curators of meaning-making in our world – is critical along with the affirmation that it is up to us as media literacy educators to recognize ourselves and our students as agents of change, not helpless dupes of an all-powerful cabal.

  3. Nicely thought out and presented article on the relevance of media literacy in shaping analysis and education. The article is packed with great suggestions on how to engage young people and encourage their thoughtful participation in decisions and actions that impact them.



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