5 thoughts on “What a Media Literacy Educator Hears When danah boyd Talks About Media Literacy

  1. Yes Faith,
    I was interested in reading your reply.
    Keep up the good work.
    Let’s have coffee one day when you’re in NYC.

  2. I always, always learn from you, Faith. I had some visceral reactions to dana’s talk after watching the video, but wasn’t sure how to best articulate my concerns. Your reply responds with facts, intelligence, and grace. Thank you.

    • Thanks Sr. Rose, Pam, and Sherri. I don’t think boyd ought to be issued any sort of special invitation to the next NAMLE conference, any more than any of us would expect a special invitation. I do hope she chooses to show up and listen to what’s actually happening on in classrooms across the U.S. And Pam…I hear ya. There was an early draft with some profanity =; )

  3. Thank you for this. I am going to use it in my college classes as a stepoff for discussion. Having taught college ML now for 7 years, I too was frustrated by boyd’s comments. Your reply is well-informed and logical (versus the rambling response in my head, which includes some unfortunate profanities). I do NOT think my teaching, which incorporates the models and teachings from NAMLE, Hobbs, and others not mentioned, has had no impact. Students are WELL AWARE of the problem and they DO HAVE some skills, self-taught or otherwise.

    And yes, we should bring her to NAMLE ’19. We might have to protect her from the mob of teachers, librarians, and researchers whose work she has insulted.
    -Dr. Pamela Morris

  4. Thank you, Faith, for this informed and comprehensive response to Ms. Boyd’s foggy and well, erroneous, opinions on media literacy education. No, I don’t think she has read all the references you mention. Can we give her a free pass for the next NAMLE conference?

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