I can still hear the announcer’s voice in my head. It was a running joke in the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon saying, “tune in next time” followed by a silly plot tease. In our on-demand, binge-watching, digital world, we no longer wait for next episodes or turn a dial to “tune in” to our favorite serials, so I’m re-purposing the phrase. This time the emphasis is on tune in – as in “pay attention.” Attend to media differently.

Using Questions to Think about Media

My intention for this blog is to model media literacy inquiry by sharing my observations in ways that reveal how I think, not just what I think. Every post on TUNE IN Next Time will suggest at least one question that media literate people ask about media or teaching strategies. I invite you to share your own questions so that we can all deepen our insights and sharpen our analytical skills.

I use FRACTALS as the visual representation of the blog because, like media and media analysis:

  • They’re fun and pleasurable to view.
  • They are created using a teachable, predictable language that people play with and tweak to convey a stunning and magnificent diversity of perspectives and emotions.
  • When you look deeper, you begin to see interesting patterns.
  • When you zoom in on different parts of the image, you end up seeing very different things.

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